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New Corey Stevens Release "The Dreaming Man"
Available Now

Corey Stevens has finished his new album entitled The Dreaming Man. It is available at and at live shows.

"I've been working at my usual obsessive compulsive rate fearing I would run out of time. And now it looks like I am about finished," Stevens says about the pace of his current project. Stevens added, "I started this project last year in November, but had shows on the road to complicate the process. January was slow getting back into it. I kept thinking about all the momentum I had built up, but just needed to recharge my batteries after a busy year. I eventually got back into the groove in late January and have been in the studio just about every day except for a few road trips which cut into my studio time."

Stevens and his band had shows in December 2009 and in the months of March, May and June of this year, taking away valuable studio time, but helping him pay the bills and keep his singing and guitar playing in shape.

"I think most people picture the recording process as musicians hanging around a studio and playing a lot. The reality is the opposite. There is a lot more time spent trying to get a sound, experimenting with amps and mikes, playing around with reverbs, delays and compressors. It is really easy to go days without touching a guitar especially towards the end. The touring really forced me to stay on top of keeping up my chops," Stevens admitted.

The new CD exceeds 62 minutes debuting 12 new original songs including 2 instrumentals. Stevens wrote the title track for his friend Boon Miller, who was an artist and musician in St. Paul, and co-wrote "Triple Jack" from "Bring On the Blues" with Stevens. Miller died from complications of diabetes.

"I thought The Dreaming Man was a great title, but the more I worked on the album the more I realized it was a GREAT title," Stevens testified. "All the songs seem to have a common thread which was a happy accident. I could never sit down and write a concept album because each song is like a short story to me. This album was different than the others for me. I usually have a lot of material in the song bank and write a few right before I go in the studio. This time I had to actually write most of the album for lack of old material stashed away. It was fun though. I took advantage of some down time on the road. I wrote most of these songs in hotel rooms."